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Luda Weisberg

Luda Weisberg has been a valuable member of Beverly Hills Academy for four years, contributing her expertise and dedication to the school community. Before joining BHA, Luda served as a lead teacher in a Lower Elementary classroom for two years, gaining valuable experience in guiding young learners. Originally from Moscow, Russia, Luda obtained her teaching degree in her home country, fostering her passion for working with children and imparting knowledge to them.

Family plays an important role in Luda's life, as she is happily married and has two daughters, aged 18 and 21. In her free time, Luda indulges in her hobbies and interests, including reading, cooking, and traveling. She is particularly fascinated by other cultures and enjoys learning about their traditions and customs.

With her years of experience, passion for teaching, and diverse interests, Luda brings a wealth of knowledge and a nurturing spirit to the Beverly Hills Academy community. Her commitment to providing a quality education and her enthusiasm for lifelong learning make her a valuable asset to the school and its students.

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