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Arabic Language Program

The Arabic language program at Beverly Hills Academy provides comprehensive instruction tailored to each student's proficiency level.


At the Primary level, students focus on visual and auditory recognition of the Arabic alphabet. They engage in tactile activities, such as using movable alphabet, puzzles, tracing, and coloring, to learn the correct pronunciation and shapes of the 28 letters. Introduction to simple vocabulary, including animals, colors, and objects, allows students to build their language skills. Additionally, they learn the sounds and shapes of numbers 1 through 10 in Arabic.

In the Elementary level, students advance to phonetic reading and writing, as well as audio discrimination of long and short vowels in Arabic. Thematic vocabulary groups are introduced, building on similar groups of letters. This prepares students for level 2, where they delve into constructing phrases and sentences. Basic grammatical concepts are introduced, enabling students to identify words by their function in a sentence and gain a deeper understanding of different parts of speech. These skills enhance reading comprehension and foster creative writing abilities.

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