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Nosheen Khan

Nosheen introduction to the Montessori approach came when she enrolled her older daughter at Beverly Hills Academy (BHA). Witnessing the effectiveness and impact of Montessori education firsthand, she was deeply touched and inspired. To further her understanding and contribute to the field, Nosheen completed her Montessori training at the Michigan Montessori Training Center and obtained her Early Childhood Credential (3-6 years) from the American Montessori Society. With a remarkable 10-year association with BHA, Nosheen has not only embraced the school's philosophy but also gained invaluable experience as an assistant in the Lower Elementary program, expanding her knowledge of the curriculum beyond Early Childhood Montessori. Her dedication to continuous growth and learning is evident in her role and interactions with her students.

Outside of her professional life, Nosheen finds fulfillment in various activities. She is an avid reader, enjoys solving puzzles, and appreciates the enriching experiences that come with traveling. Above all, Nosheen cherishes the precious moments spent with her two daughters, who are also students at BHA. Her personal interests and experiences contribute to creating a holistic and nurturing classroom environment, fostering curiosity, exploration, and a genuine love for learning.

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