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Beverly Hills Academy's

Parent Volunteer Group

About Us

We are a team of creative and dedicated parent volunteers who work towards the common goal of making BHA the best school possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give enthusiastic service and aid to Beverly Hills Academy for the ultimate benefit of our children and the BHA community.

Our Goals:

1. To foster positive and personal relationships with our beloved teachers and staff;

2. To provide increased opportunities for our children to learn and grow through various activities;

3. To engage our children in the broader community through various projects focused on helping others and the environment around them. 

How to get involved:

Volunteers have fun throughout the year participating in various activities such as the Book Fair, Yearbook Production, Teachers Appreciation Week, and lots more.  We would love to expand our scope of activities and are always looking for new ways to improve our school!  Volunteers can give as much time as they want and help out in ways that complement their individual strengths! Sign up today by emailing us at or by signing up in the front office. 


Contact Us:

Have any ideas, questions, or concerns?  Please contact us at  

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