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College Preparatory Middle School

Curriculum Explanation - Beverly Hills Academy's Middle School offers a purposeful transition for students in grades 6th to 8th. The curriculum is designed to challenge and support students, fostering both academic and personal growth. With a rigorous core curriculum and a diverse range of teaching styles, students are empowered to become independent and creative thinkers. The dedicated Middle School staff consists of knowledgeable teachers who utilize various approaches to engage students and promote learning. Leadership opportunities are encouraged, providing students with the chance to take initiative and participate in student-led activities, fostering hands-on learning experiences.

In addition to the core curriculum, exploratory subjects such as Computers, Music, and Art enrich the educational journey, offering students opportunities for self-expression and exploration. The inclusion of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies programs fosters a strong sense of community and allows students to uphold their Islamic values and traditions while continuing to grow personally and academically. Recognizing the diversity of learning styles, a variety of testing methods are employed to facilitate the development of critical thinking and writing skills. Beverly Hills Academy's Middle School provides a nurturing environment that supports students' transition from elementary to more demanding academic expectations while promoting their holistic development.


Mentoring Program - Each Middle School student at Beverly Hills Academy is assigned an adult Mentor who will provide guidance and support throughout the year. The Mentor serves as a counselor, guide, and tutor, developing a trusting relationship with the student to ensure their progress and well-being.

Additionally, each Middle School student has the opportunity to serve as a Mentor to a younger student at the academy. By providing assistance and support to a younger student, the Middle School student experiences personal and academic growth while fostering a sense of responsibility and leadership. This mentorship program promotes a supportive and collaborative environment within the school community.


Community Service Beverly Hills Academy places a strong emphasis on social and moral awareness among its Middle School students, fostering their understanding of the needs of

In Middle School, students experience a transition from the nurturing environment of elementary school to a more challenging academic setting. They are provided with both academic and personal support to ensure their growth and development. The core curriculum in Middle School is rigorous, and students also have the opportunity to explore additional subjects such as Computers, Music, and Art. Islamic Studies and Arabic Language instruction are integral components of the program. A strong partnership between students, parents, and teachers is fostered to create a safe and positive learning environment for all.

others and encouraging their involvement in the community. Students have opportunities to engage in service and contribute to the betterment of society.


Within the school community, Middle School students take on responsibilities such as hosting visiting students and serving as tour guides during school events. They also participate in school-sponsored activities aimed at raising funds for local charities. Additionally, students are encouraged to seek out their own service opportunities, both individually and as a group. On scheduled service days, they volunteer at local agencies such as assisted living facilities, shelters, and food banks, actively making a difference in the Metro-Detroit area.


Developing Study Skills - Middle School students at Beverly Hills Academy are equipped with essential study skills to excel in the classroom. They are guided in utilizing their time efficiently and effectively, enabling them to optimize their learning experience. Students learn strategies for effective studying, conducting research, exploring new topics, critical thinking, and acquiring a deeper understanding of subjects. These skills empower them to become independent and lifelong learners.

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