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Ayesha Saeed

Ayesha's passion for Montessori education was ignited at a young age when her mother enrolled her in a Montessori school. Witnessing the power of the Montessori method, which emphasizes independence, active learning, and individualized development, Ayesha was inspired by the hands-on approach and the focus on nurturing each child's unique abilities. This initial exposure planted the seeds for her future in Montessori teaching.

After completing her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Education in Pakistan, Ayesha worked as an elementary school teacher for one year before diving deeper into her Montessori journey. She enrolled her own daughters in a Montessori school, witnessing firsthand how the method nurtured their independence, cooperation, and holistic development. This experience fueled her desire to pursue an Early Childhood Montessori Credential, which she successfully

obtained from the Michigan Montessori Teacher Education Center in 2012.

Ayesha's professional journey in Montessori education continued with an internship at Schoolhouse Montessori Academy, where she worked for four years. In 2016, she joined Beverly Hills Academy (BHA) and has been teaching in the primary classrooms for the past four years. Alongside her Montessori Credential, Ayesha has also completed a short course on Early Childhood Education from Southern California Regional Occupational Center.

Outside of her teaching role, Ayesha finds joy in various activities. She loves cooking, reading, and keeping up with sports and political talk shows. Engaging with current world events through reading and writing is another passion of hers. Additionally, she values quality time spent with her family and enjoys listening to music. Ayesha's diverse interests and experiences enhance her teaching approach and contribute to creating a vibrant and engaging learning environment at BHA.

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