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Sridevi Srikanth

Sridevi Srikanth has had a unique educational journey alongside her daughter. Both of them embarked on their Montessori education when her daughter started as a 3-year-old student, while Sridevi took on the role of a teacher for the same age group. Their separation in the classroom proved beneficial for both of them. Today, her daughter is a 20-year-old junior at the University of Michigan, while Sridevi continues her 18th year of teaching at a Montessori school.

Throughout her teaching career, Sridevi has had the privilege of instructing various age groups, including 3 to 6, 6 to 9, and 9 to 12-year-olds. She has willingly taken on subjects and classes that her teaching partners preferred to avoid, showcasing her versatility and adaptability. With her Montessori teacher certification and a Master's degree in Business Economics, Sridevi brings a unique blend of skills and experiences to her role. She initially pursued a career as a business journalist in Chennai, India, before finding her true calling in education.

Sridevi's love for reading, writing, solving puzzles, and gardening reflects her passion for lifelong learning. However, her favorite aspect of teaching lies in building meaningful relationships with her students and their parents. She finds great fulfillment when former students return to her for guidance and support, demonstrating the impact she has had on their lives. Sridevi is dedicated to making a lasting difference in her students' lives and looks forward to fostering long-term connections with the students and families at Beverly Hills Academy. She eagerly anticipates joining the team and meeting everyone at the school.

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