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Islamic Studies

Manal Al Hadidi

Manal Al-Hadidi is a certified Montessori teacher since 1997, specializing in working with children. She has been teaching Islamic Studies and Quran at Beverly Hills Academy since 2010, following a decade-long tenure at Huda Islamic School in Franklin, Michigan. Manal is dedicated to professional growth and has attended various workshops on topics such as Cooperative Learning, Classroom Management, Islamic Studies, Controversial Issues, Bully Proofing Schools, Parenting, and Technical Social Skills. She is highly regarded for her strong organizational and leadership abilities. Outside of her work, Manal actively engages in community services, including involvement in summer camps, youth programs, weekly Islamic lectures, and women's physical fitness initiatives. Manal has been a resident of the Bloomfield Hills, Michigan area for the past 30 years and maintains strong connections to her immediate and extended family in the area.

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